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HBP Labs

Tissue and Cell Culture Laboratories
Unlocking the potential
of the cannabis plant

The cannabis plant’s full potential is still largely unknown, and iaso is poised to unlock many of its deepest mysteries.

HBP Labs develops, tests, and reproduces a wide range of cannabis cultivars with a myriad of genetic backgrounds. Using modern plant tissue culture techniques, HBP is able to rapidly multiply cultivars while safeguarding and assuring genetic consistency through to future generations.

With the use of model cell-culture techniques, we produce therapeutic chemicals ex-planta by propagating and providing growers with thousands of genetically identical plants.

  • Sterile pathogen-free mother plants
  • Plant propagation capable of producing 10-12X more pathogen-free plantlets
  • Production of enhanced strains through best-in-class breeding techniques
  • Application of cell culture technology for production of therapeutic chemicals ex-planta

Genetic Uniformity: Cloning for the Future

iaso’s cloning protocols, SOPs, and facilities are designed to be highly scalable in order to optimize production of custom and proprietary strains for licensed growers. The techniques used by HBP Labs will:

  • Minimize epigenetic variability between generations
  • Secularly maintain valuable genotypes of other licensed growers
  • Scale-up production of novel cultivars 10-12X faster than traditional propagation methods
  • Propagate and provide growers with thousands of genetically identical plants
  • Save growers money from eliminating the need to maintain their own mother room
  • Safe-guard cultivars of other growers in case of unforeseen destruction of their grow facility