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full spectrum
extraction system

PhytoX is an innovative new extraction system that uses the entire fresh cannabis plant to preserve all volatile compounds through a unique process. Our proprietary patent pending technologies are designed to optimize the extraction of phytocannabinoids from active trichomes to maximize yields, increase potency, and create higher bioavailability by converting the entire plant into nanoemulsions.

Currently only available by custom order, systems for processing from 1 to 20 tons per day, manufactured in Chennai, India.

Stage 1: Freezing fixes the bio molecules, which retains the natural , fresh aroma of the extract and enhances the bio-availability of the extract.

Stage 2: This stage converts the cannabis plant material into a cannabis nanoemulsion by means of hydrodynamic force and ultrasonification by breaking the cell walls of the plant material and releases them into the aqueous phase. This also enhances the bio availability of the extract.

Stage 3: The physical/mechanical separation does not affect the molecular structure and the phytochemicals mix. By using centrifugal separation methods, it separates the different molecules, thereby affecting the bioavailability and molecular mix.

Stage 4: This is a cold extraction process where we use the temperature generated during the hydrodynamic process for pulling out the active total cannabinoids from the clear emulsion into the solvent phase. Cold extraction helps retaining the intactness of phyto molecules and retains the natural aroma.

Stage 5: We use low temperature-short contact distillation path and molecular distillation in our commercial systems which keeps the molecular intactness. We are able to distill the solvents at 50-55 degree C.

Stage 6: This is a low temperature drying process, which retains the molecular integrity. This method removes the residual solvents as we use high vacuum. VTD is far better method of drying as compared with spray drying (as spray drying needs higher temperature and cannot handle highly viscous extracts like cannabis.)

PhytoX™ outperforms conventional extraction systems in every way.

The Freshest

PhytoX can perform extraction on wet or dry cannabis, making it the first technology capable of producing concentrate from freshly harvested plants. Because of this, the extracted cannabis can retain a full terpene and cannabinoid profile that is often lost when converting dry flower to concentrate with conventional systems.

Highly Selective

PhytoX follows specific harvesting protocols based on which active trichomes and color patterns of trichomes/flowers will yield the best concentrate. The technology’s intelligent selection criteria ensures consistent high-quality product.

Stronger Aroma

By freezing the plant material before it is converted into nanoemulsions, the molecules that retain aroma in cannabis are left intact. The stronger scent adds to the consumer’s overall sensory experience. PhytoX is the only extraction technology available that uses this pre-processing technique to enhance the quality of your product.

No Co-Solvents Required

The PhytoX liquid/liquid extraction system yields phytocannabinoid-rich nanoemulsions without the need for additional solvents, creating an enhanced therapeutic benefit for the consumer while simultaneously reducing production costs.

Proprietary distillation prevents phytocannabinoids from thermal degradation PhytoX produces concentrate through proprietary molecular distillation and low temperature short contact distillation, which preserves phytocannabinoids such as THC and CBD.

Higher Bioavailability

PhytoX extract has higher bioavailability than typical concentrates, so lower doses produce an enhanced pharmacological effect for the patient.

Removes All Solvent Traces

PhytoX performs low temperature drying under a vacuum to remove all residual solvents from the extract.